Effective Stewardship

Doin’ and Gettin’

Ken Williams

Zig Ziglar is a well-known, first-class motivational speaker who is one of my favorites. I always benefit from listening to him or reading his books. I especially appreciate his consistent Christian testimony and the way he weaves scriptural principles into his presentations.

In one of his books, Zig Ziglar makes this simple yet profound statement: “If you keep doin’ what you’ve been doin’, you’ll keep gettin’ what you’ve been gettin’.” That is a fact which is applicable to every aspect of life, from putting fertilizer on the lawn to time management, from diet and exercise to Scripture memorization.

It is also true of stewardship and stewardship education. “If you keep doin’ what you’ve been doin’, you’ll keep gettin’ what you’ve been gettin’.” Most churches think of stewardship only when finances get tight or when it is time for an annual financial emphasis. If a church’s financial situation is O.K. (whatever that means), usually, the inclination is not to seek ways to improve an “O.K.” situation.

That’s why I always admire and appreciate pastors and laity who realize the value of training people to be stewards. They are looking down the road, realizing that the day will come when the present faithful donors and givers may no longer be on the scene or may no longer be able to give at the same level as they have in the past. These insightful pastors and lay people realize that it is vital to the life and ministry of the church to seek ways to keep the message of stewardship education before their congregations in a consistent, low-key way.

That’s one of the outstanding features of the “Effective Stewardship” program. In a quiet, non-offensive way, it uses the printed word and the spoken word to communicate the eternal truths of Scripture concerning money, material possessions and giving. And although it is not “fund raising,”  the “Effective Stewardship” program heightens a congregation’s awareness of what God’s Word says concerning their money, material possessions and giving and usually leads to an increase in the overall financial support of the church.

“God owns it all” is the foundational principle upon which the entire “Effective Stewardship” program is built. That truth will affect both the reader’s or listener’s giving and the use of his/her financial resources. Ultimately, the reader or listener has to make a choice.

As you evaluate the effectiveness of the “Effective Stewardship” program, remember, “If you keep doin’ what you’ve been doin’, you’ll keep gettin’ what you’ve been gettin’.”

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