We were overwhelmed with the overflowing of responses on the altar on our Harvest Celebration Sunday. Our church had never seen such a response in its entire history. The entire Fall Campaign was an experience filled with joy and blessing.

Rev. Howard Vrankin
First Lutheran Church
Newton, Iowa

Thank you for the work you folks did relative to our stewardship materials this past fall. The material worked very well, and your program is very well organized. It was overall a pleasurable experience. Keep up the good work!

Jan Weyrich
Stewardship Chair
St. Luke Union Church
Bloomington, Illinois

Thanks for an excellent and complete plan. We feel it made the difference between “50-50” giving and substantial giving. Thank God that the Fall Campaign will enable us to meet our expenses in the coming year. It was a great value for the money.

Ron Sears
Stewardship Chair
St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church
Carol Stream, Illinois

We had a very successful Fall Campaign, both in terms of the amount of commitments and the commitment per person. The total amount of the commitments increased almost 20%, while the amount per commitment increased 7%. We have nothing but praise for the “Effective Stewardship” program.

Arthur Motter
Finance Chair
Community Covenant Church
West Peabody, Massachusetts

The Fall Campaign was exactly what our church needed. The positive tone and spiritual emphasis of the entire campaign were a tremendous blessing to us, and our congregation actually looked forward with eager anticipation to our Commitment Sunday when we turned in our “Faith Promise” cards. The number of “giving units” making a commitment increased by 58%, and the amount of our budget covered by the “Faith Promise” cards increased by 68%. As a result, for the first time in the history of our church, we have over-subscribed the budget. We praise God for His faithfulness and for the entire “Effective Stewardship” program.

Rev. John Reilly
Petrie Memorial United Methodist Church
Elkton, Kentucky

We started the “Effective Stewardship” program in October and used the Fall Campaign in November. We have seen an increase of 20% in family units promising to give and a 20% increase in the amount that was given this year.

Brent Olson
Stewardship Chair
First Presbyterian Church
Missouri Valley, Iowa

As a result of this year’s Fall Campaign, we had a 14% increase in the number of commitments and a 17% increase in total dollars promised.

Jim Ward
Finance Chair
Manchaca United Methodist Church
Manchaca, Texas

The Fall Stewardship Campaign went well . . . and we had eleven individuals make a commitment this year who had not done so in past years. We attribute this to the message of the program itself. . . .We have not encountered any problems at all with the program.

Doug Blakey
Finance Board Chairperson
First Baptist Church
Decatur, Illinois

Our church had experienced a three-year decline in both the number of commitments made during our fall stewardship drive and in the amount of money pledged. This year, by using the “Effective Stewardship” program and the Fall Campaign from KLW Enterprises, we were able to reverse that trend. Overall giving is up over the prior year, as is the average amount pledged for this year. We are grateful for the resource of the “Effective Stewardship” program and look forward to this year’s Fall Campaign.

Dick Gaede
Finance Chair
Christ Lutheran Church
Cape Coral, Florida

Our Fall Campaign went very well. We had a 55% increase in the number of cards completed and a 36% increase in the amount of funds promised by faith. The cards now cover 66% of our budget, which represents an increase from less than 40% last year. We greatly appreciate the scriptural approach and the concept of challenging people to trust God to provide. We are looking forward to using the Fall Campaign from KLW Enterprises again as we build on what God has accomplished this year.

Bill Baum
Finance Chair
St. Paul’s United Methodist Church
Raymore, Missouri

We want to thank you for your good service and materials. We feel that your program is one of the best biblically-based stewardship programs we have ever seen. The Fall Campaign was well received by the members of our congregation, with several increased pledges received.

Mr. Glenn E. Sorensen
Deacon for Stewardship
Our Savior Lutheran Church
Medford, New Jersey

Our Stewardship Campaign went flawlessly throughout the month of November. Our speakers were great, and the commitments amounted to 80% of next year’s budget. What was really unusual was that our normal December giving doubled. We went from a possible deficit situation to a substantial surplus to carry over into the new year. I am convinced that we are seeing the beginnings of stewardship renewal here thanks to the “Effective Stewardship” program.

Gerald Bockstanz
Stewardship Chair
Trinity United Methodist Church
Anderson, South Carolin

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