What others have said about “Effective Stewardship: Building on Biblical Principles”

“As a direct result of the ‘Effective Stewardship’ program, our offerings increased 25% in 17 months. I highly recommend any size church and denomination utilize this program.”

– Rev. Randy Grimmett, St. Paul United Methodist Church, Olney, Illinois

“Right after we began using the ‘Effective Stewardship’ program, our weekly contributions increased by over 42%. They have remained at the higher level ever since. We’re not sure if this is a coincidence or the result of the program, but we are certainly pleased!”

– Mr. James Rossi, Christ Lutheran Church, Brea, California

“Our people are responding well to the ‘Effective Stewardship’ program. The low-key continual lay speaker reminders have been helpful in stewardship training and in keeping the matter of God’s ownership of our resources before us as a priority. The year-end financial results were especially encouraging as a result of the program.”

– Mr. Ron Brodwater, Jr., South County Baptist Church, St. Louis, Missouri

“The ‘Effective Stewardship’ program is going very well. We are experiencing the best offerings ever in the hundred-year history of our church. Attitudes are being changed as God’s Word has a powerful effect on our people.”

– Rev. Howard Vrankin, Trinity Lutheran Church, Sibley, Iowa

“Things continue to go well for us with the ‘Effective Stewardship’ program as a whole. . . . giving is up 10% over the same period a year ago. While there are probably several factors, we believe the ‘Effective Stewardship’ program may be a significant one! Thanks for what you are doing.”

– Rev. Jeff Rakes, Grace Presbyterian Church, Dover, Delaware

“Our church normally experiences an annual growth of 2-3% in overall contributions. After using the ‘Effective Stewardship’ program for several months, we experienced a 7% growth. For the first time in 20 years, we finished the year in the black.”

– Rev. Ray Mirly, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Olivette, Missouri

“The ‘Effective Stewardship’ program has worked very well in providing biblically based stewardship training for our congregation. This year, as a result of God’s faithfulness to honor His Word through this program, we saw our budget increase by over 30%. Again, due to God’s faithfulness through this program, we’ve been able to meet the budget in full!”

– Rev. Rhett Payne III, CrossPointe Community Church, Carrollton, Texas

“When I came to this church a year ago, I asked about the ‘Effective Stewardship’ program. I was told that it seemed to be working well, so I took the approach that if it wasn’t broken, as the new pastor, I wouldn’t try to fix it. This past year, which was our third year in the program, we exceeded our $1 million budget by $55,000. Praise God for His faithfulness to His Word which has benefited our congregation in this way.”

– Rev. Henry C. Lubben, Zion Lutheran Church, Westwood, New Jersey

“I received the materials for the Fall Campaign this week.  The content is excellent and the materials tie in beautifully with what we  have done the past two years.  I continue to share with our pastor how the content so clearly represents the scriptures. It has been a real pleasure for me to coordinate the activities associated with implementing the program.”

– Mr. Calvin Faulkner, Covenant of Grace Presbyterian Church, Reisterstown, Maryland

“The ‘Effective Stewardship’ program has worked out very well for us. We had an unprecedented growth of 11%. We had prepared our usual line of credit at the bank in anticipation of the need to borrow funds at year-end as we have done for the past few years, but due to God’s faithfulness to honor His Word through the program, we met our budget in full without needing to borrow any money. Praise God!”

– Mrs. Nancy Nicholson, Faith Lutheran Church, Eldridge, Iowa

“The ‘Effective Stewardship’ program has been fantastic. The offerings in April, May and June were the largest in the recent history of this congregation. . . .We thank God for His faithfulness to honor His Word.”

– Rev. Roger Hjelle, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, LaCrosse, Wisconsin

“Of all the stewardship programs I have seen through the years, this one does the best job of providing year-round education and training to people of all ages. It is low-key in nature, but it is also effective in teaching people scriptural principles about material possessions and giving. I recommend it!”

– Mr. Wayne Watts, Colonial Baptist Church, Wichita Falls, Texas

“For the first time in many years, we have been able to increase our budget. This is a direct result of the ‘Effective Stewardship’ program. Two years ago, we couldn’t have considered adding onto our building; now we are moving forward with a building project.”

– Rev. Douglas A. Nicely, Bethany Lutheran Church, Fairview Heights, Illinois

“Since we began using the ‘Effective Stewardship’ program, our giving has increased by 11%, something which is quite unusual for us. We really like the fact that the program is multi-faceted and that it is a sustained, long-term approach.”

– Mrs. Judy Muller, First Presbyterian Church, Hamilton Square, New Jersey

“We are using the ‘Effective Stewardship” program in the format you present on the schedule you furnish, and I think it is fitting together quite well. Your program is very well designed, and you seem to operate quite efficiently. Thank you for your creative approach to stewardship and for your fine program.”

– James B. Peery, M.D., Hope Lutheran Church, Fresno, California

“‘Effective Stewardship’ is a super program. If a church will use it as you have designed it, it does exactly what you say it will. During the four years that our church has used it, we have experienced a consistent growth in financial support totaling 21%. We praise God for this program.”

– Mr. Arthur Motter, Community Covenant Church, West Peabody, Massachusetts

“We have used the program for the past year and have found nothing wrong with it whatsoever. It has enabled us to meet our budget in full and to operate consistently in the black, something we’ve not done in the past. We greatly appreciate having you make this program available to churches like ours.”

– Rev. Edward Melchior, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Columbia, Illinois

“We appreciate the ministry that KLW Enterprises is bringing to our church family. Currently, we estimate that our giving is at about 8.8% per giving unit. This is such a blessing, and God is truly being faithful to challenge folks and meet their needs. Your program meets the four criteria that I had when a stewardship program was contemplated. I was looking for one that was biblical, lay-driven, low cost, and stewardship focused. Thank you for your ministry to our church family. I am blessed by the knowledge God has given you in this area.”

– Rev. Marty Barnhart, Twin Valley Church, Bellevue, Nebraska

“We have recently completed reorganization following a strategic planning session. Year-long stewardship emphasis is a major component. This would not have been possible without our participation in the ‘Effective Stewardship’ program. Thank you for your work. We have all benefited from your partnership.”

– Rev. M. Richard Malivuk, All Saints Lutheran Church, Lutz, Florida

“Since we started your program three years ago, the number of giving units has increased by over 76% and contributions have increased by over 105%. We are thankful for the positive change the ‘Effective Stewardship’ program has made in our congregation and ministry.”

– Mr. Brent Olson, First Presbyterian Church, Missouri Valley, Iowa

“Our giving is up over 26% this year, our second year in using the ‘Effective Stewardship’ program. While there are several factors in this, we are confident that the use of the program has been very significant in achieving this positive result. We remain very pleased with the materials and the program.”

– Mrs. Pat Morris, Zion United Church of Christ, Millstadt, Illinois

“Thank you for a complete program. It is exactly what we knew needed to be done, but no one had the time to compile the information and create the presentations. It is very handy in that it all comes from you, ready to use. Thank you for your ministry. . . .Thank you for your faithful and faith-filled words and service. Christ’s kingdom has benefited from your work.”

– Rev. Shelly Holle, First Presbyterian Church, Chanute, Kansas

“This stewardship program is simple in that it relies on common biblical truths. It is low-key in that it is not a hard sell drive to meet a certain fixed goal. (In fact, it is so low-key that it is difficult for people to realize that this is a planned, well organized program.) But best of all, it is based on biblical principles of stewardship and not fund-raising techniques. This program trains people to be stewards. I am pleased to recommend it to you.”

– Rev. Max Borah, Faith United Methodist Church, Centralia, Illinois

“Our people are responding very well to the ‘Effective Stewardship’ program. The program has received extremely high marks without any problems whatsoever on our end. Thanks for making this material available to churches like ours.”

– Mr. Greg Schupra, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Plymouth, Michigan

“I must express our complete satisfaction with the ‘Effective Stewardship’ program. In the two years that we utilized the program, our Faith Promises increased 25%, and we experienced 10% of our members responding who had not responded previously. We would without reservation highly recommend the ‘Effective Stewardship’ program to any congregation considering its use.”

-Mr. J. Bradley Bone, Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Wichita, Kansas

“. . . as a result of using the ‘Effective Stewardship’ program . . . several people who were not among those who contribute regularly have started giving each week due to the effect the program has had in their lives.”

– Mr. Clyde Bachelor, Grace Bible Church, Warrenton, Missouri

“The ‘Effective Stewardship’ program worked very well for us in my former church. Our weekly giving increased by almost 25%, and we experienced no problems whatsoever in using the program. That’s why I want to use it in my new appointment.”

– Rev. David Roe, First United Methodist Church, Gering, Nebraska

“From the outset, we viewed the ‘Effective Stewardship’ program as a long-range adventure. In fact, we gave the program a nickname: ‘Water on a Stone.’ Over time, we have seen it have a beneficial effect on our congregation. Overall giving has increased, and this year — for the first time in many years — we never fell into the pit of running out of money over the summer months.”

– Rev. Mark Bussert, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Elmhurst, Illinois

“The Fall Campaign, ‘Moving Forward by Faith,’ was exactly what our church needed. The positive tone and spiritual emphasis of the entire campaign were a tremendous blessing to us, and our congregation actually looked forward with eager anticipation to our Commitment Sunday when we turned in our ‘Faith Promise’ cards. The number of giving units making a commitment increased by 58%, and the amount of our budget covered by the ‘Faith Promise’ cards increased by 68%. As a result, for the first time in the history of our church, we have over-subscribed the budget. We praise God for His faithfulness and for the entire ‘Effective Stewardship’ program.”

– Rev. John Reilly, Petrie Memorial United Methodist Church, Elkton, Kentucky

“This is a beautiful piece of work. As you know, we have fabulous stewardship materials and programs, but this is a bit different. Ours are on an annual 4-6 week term and not year-round like this one. I especially like the lay involvement and the non-pressure approach. The Lord will bless this.”

– Rev. Bill Fox, Lakeview Baptist Church, Belleville, Illinois

“. . . for the first time in the history of this congregation, we are meeting our year-to-date budget for estimated giving. In past years, we have gotten way behind over the summer and made up most of it in December. There are many things happening in our church, but I am confident that the ‘Effective Stewardship’ program has positively impacted our current financial position. Alleluia and thank you.”

– Mr. Paul Lester, Stewardship Chair, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Raleigh, North Carolina

“Since we began using the ‘Effective Stewardship’ program six months ago, our giving is up 16%.”

– Rev. Dan Flanagan, First United Methodist Church, Norfolk, Nebraska

“We appreciate very much your services because they provide the discipline needed to ensure that stewardship is emphasized throughout the year. As a result of this year’s Fall Campaign, we had a 14% increase in the number of commitments and a 17% increase in total dollars promised.”

– Mr. Jim Ward, Manchaca United Methodist Church, Manchaca, Texas

“We like this program. We’re not sure whether to attribute it to your program or not, but ever since we started using it, our offerings have increased, some by a very substantial amount. We have had no negative reactions to the program and really appreciate having it made available to our congregation.”

– Rev. David Dittmar, St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, St. Louis, Missouri

“Our Stewardship Campaign went flawlessly throughout the month of November. Our speakers were great, and the commitments amounted to 80% of next year’s budget. What was really unusual was that our normal December giving doubled. We went from a possible deficit situation to a substantial surplus to carry over into the new year. I am convinced that we are seeing the beginnings of stewardship renewal here thanks to the ‘Effective Stewardship’ program.”

– Mr. Gerald Bockstanz, Trinity UMC, Anderson, South Carolina

“We sincerely appreciate your great service and materials over the past 4+ years.  We believe that you have helped sustain St. John’s through one of the worst economic periods in our country’s history.  We can’t thank you enough, and we wish you the very best in the great work that you do with so many congregations across the country.”

– Lyle Brizendine, St. John’s United Church of Christ, Chesterfield, Missouri

“I like . . . this program. It appears scriptural, low-key, and yet something which could be very effective in training people about what the Bible says concerning money and giving.”

– Rev. Charles F. Scheide, Sr., Mountain View Baptist Church, Hickory, North Carolina

“We have nothing like this.”

– Rev. John Meyer, Director of Stewardship, The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod, St. Louis, Missouri

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