Spring Campaign

Information & Questionnaire

Our main thrust is the year-round education and training program known as “Effective Stewardship: Building on Biblical Principles.” However, as a service to churches, we also provide annual stewardship campaigns to encourage commitments for a church’s operating budget in the coming year. Some churches hold these in the Fall; some hold them in the Spring. We use the term, “Fall Campaign,” to refer to both.

Annually, participating churches are notified of the topic for the current year’s annual campaign. Topics used in past campaigns include “Celebrating God’s Good Gifts,” “Investing For Time and Eternity,” “Working Together with God,” “Moving Forward by Faith,” “Empowered by God — Responding by Grace,” and “Giving for the Glory of God.” The materials include newsletter articles, letters to the congregation, four lay speaker presentations, follow-up materials, a master schedule, and copy for a campaign brochure and card (known in various churches as “Faith Promise Card,” “Estimate of Giving Card,” “Pledge Card,” etc.).

The brochure and card are customized for each church and are ready to photocopy, mimeograph or to take to a commercial printer for reproduction. If the annual campaign materials are used, they are used in lieu of one month of the regular program, e.g., if September is month #6, and the Fall Campaign is in October, month #7 is November. A regular invoice is sent each month; if a Fall Campaign is utilized, that month’s invoice is for the campaign materials. Thus, using a Fall Campaign extends the regular program one month each year.

We also offer the Fall Campaign on a stand-alone basis apart from the year-round “Effective Stewardship” program. The Fall Campaign theme is announced annually on April 1, with a July 1 deadline for responding. (We also offer a Spring Campaign which is announced on October 1, with a December 1 deadline for responding.)

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